BID cash: It’s fair to question

I am not a business owner in Mansfield so I dont pay the 2% levy to (business improvement district) BID in Mansfield. I remember a meeting back in 2009 at the Civic Centre when a lot of business folk in Mansfield were promised a lot, but now it’s compulsory for all businesses within the inner ring road to pay the levy, the improvements promised don’t seem to have materialised.

Mr Yemm (chairman of Mansfield Constituency Labour Party) and some business owners have the right to be asking where the £1m raised so far has gone. In fact they should be demanding answers. You only need to walk down any street in town to see NO visible signs of improvements whether it be cleanliness/safety/new investments. The Market Place is a mess, the buildings shabby.

BID ambassadors say it’s within their remit to keep the town safe and clean, well lads can you tell me when this is going to start because every time I’m down there the place looks as untidy as it ever has, as for safety let’s not go there. The business owners of Mansfield voted to pay the levy to help bring people into a better looking/safer town, I think they deserve their money’s worth.

Gary Musgrove,

Chesterfield Road North,


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