Bestwood Village plans for 101 new homes submitted

Plans have been submitted to build 101 new homes on agricultural land next to Moor Road, Bestwood Village.

Langridge Homes Limited, based in Clumber Avenue, Sherwood, has applied to Gedling Borough Council to build the residential development, a new access road, amenity space, and open space on the site of the derelict Westhouse Farm.

At this stage, the outline planning application includes plans for two, three, four and five-bedroomed homes, with the potential for a number of social housing units.

The submission acknowledges that some villagers have previously voiced concerns over housing developments in the area and potential impact on services.

The plans say that Langridge Homes would be prepared to make land available for the building of a new school and also to make a “fair and reasonable” contribution for its construction under a Section 106 agreement.

Additionally, the submission says that Bestwood St Albans Parish Council could benefit if the development gets the go ahead via a new homes bonus payments scheme run by the government that sees money given to district councils upon completion of homes.

It says the district council could potentially gain £1m, with around 25 per cent of that being passed on to the parish council.

Local resident Jack Ashworth told the Dispatch that the plans for new homes were being looked at by a number of groups in the village, including Bestwood VIllage Vision and the parish council.

He said: “I’d like to make the point that the community groups and the council are working together to make sure that the village gets the best that it can out of the Section 106 agreements.

“We are working together and will not let developers walk all over us.”

Section 106 planning obligations ensure that developers pay a certain amount of money, depending on what they build, in order to contribute to local infrastructure, such as schools or play areas for example.