Berry Hill Park: It’s not very sporting!

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The latest ploy by the secretary of Berry Hill Park to use Woodhouse Colts FC to undermine Mansfield Harriers AC’s position in the park shows what we have been up against for the last two years.

The club has been trying to negotiate a user agreement for the park facilities, the talks broke down last October just before it was to be signed. Since then we have had no facilities to change or shower and no toilets since May. We do not owe any money on facilities we are using.

I understand that the secretary (employed by the Trustees) is there to get revenue into the park, so why would he offer the football club the same night as the athletic club? Surely he would give them another evening? All he is doing is successfully turning users aways.

These include: Mansfield Schools, Notts Schools, Notts AAA’s, Derbyshire AAA’s and next month’s English National Cross-Country Relays (which have been in the park for 22 years) will be the last, as the unreasonable demands from him have made the ECCA look for another venue. We have not been able to host any home fixtures for two years and this looks likely for 2013 as well. This is putting a great strain on our club and is also draining financially as we have no way of generating income from home fixtures.

In this great year of sport and talk of a lasting legacy, one has to question what the secretary and Trustees’ views are. All the club wants is to use the park and facilitities to its maximum and make the club the most successful in the East Midlands.

Steve Davies,

(Mansfield Harriers and former chairman).