Berry Hill Park - Amenities need Improving

As a daily dog walker in this well maintained park, I have read with interest, but some dismay, the recent relevant letters in the Chad. I would make the following points:

Are the public toilets ever open? In a full year I have never seen them open. There is a well appointed and maintained children’s play area. What are parents and grandparents supposed to do if a child needs the toilet urgently?

The two derelict (and marked dangerous) buildings. Do they contain asbestos? Why haven’t they been removed in the interest of health and safety? Surely this is an urgent matter.

No cafe. Funds may not run to opening a cafe. However, offering a franchise to some enterprising hot drinks and snacks van would not have any cost.

The trustees spend time arguing with athletics clubs. This is not a practical or useful use of their time. As a former councillor I believe they will receive grants of public money. So they are accountable.

Come on, improve the amenities - it makes economic and common sense.

Name and address supplied.