Ben Bradley urges government to tackle drugs and violent crime in Mansfield

MP Ben Bradley speaking in Parliament
MP Ben Bradley speaking in Parliament

MP Ben Bradley raised the issue of  “Zombie” drugs directly with the Home Secretary during a House of Commons debate.

Mr Bradley also urged the Government tackle these drugs in a letter to the Home Secretary earlier this month.

The debate was on the second reading of the Offensive Weapons Bill, which will make it harder for young people to buy knives and acid online, with sellers requiring rigorous age verification in order to prove those purchasing such items are over 18.

During his speech, Mr Bradley discussed the changing nature of crime and the importance of ensuring that police officers have the powers that they need to target criminals effectively.

Mr Bradley also raised the issue of violent crime and the use of weapons in Mansfield and Warsop.

Mr Bradley said: “I spoke in support of Government's new violent crime strategy which includes plans to restrict or ban the sale of corrosive acid and 'zombie' knives, as well as other measures to protect Mansfield residents.

I impressed upon the Home Office the importance of taking a similarly robust approach to drugs. Drugs are a huge driver of violent crime, and I hope that the Government will also build a strategy around the changing nature of the drugs market, which is having a huge impact in Mansfield and across the country.

I’m pleased that the Government is taking a proactive approach to violent crime. The Offensive Weapons Bill will make it harder for young people to buy knives and acid online. This is a huge step forward in tackling the changing way in which people get hold of weapons.

Over the coming months I will continue to look at the ways in which we can combat the use of Mamba, Spice and other drugs in Mansfield town centre.”

The bill will ban the possession of weapons such as zombie knives, knuckle dusters and death stars, both in public and in private.

Mr Bradley welcomed the work that the Government has been doing to target violent crime but mentioned the growth of the use of drugs such as Mamba and Spice which are creating problems across the country.

In April 2018 there were ten arrests for possessing a weapon across the Mansfield constituency.