Beloved pet cat shot by air rifle

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A Rainworth cat has been left with one eye after it was shot by an air rifle.

Claire Pilmore was shocked when her beloved pet Lee Lee returned home last week with blood streaming from his face.

As one of 10 cats the couple have adopted, Mrs Pilmore said she is distraught that someone could do this to her six-year-old tabby .

She said: “He doesn’t want to go outside anymore, he is such a kind natured and lovable cat, I don’t know how anyone could do this.

“I can understand if people don’t like cats and don’t want them in their garden, but just shoo them away. There is no need for this.

“The people responsible need to be caught and brought to justice.”

Police made door to door enquiries regarding the incident.

A spokesperson said: “Police received a report that two cats had been injured at 6.45pm on Sunday 13th April.

“We have made house to house enquiries but this may be a matter for the RSPCA.”

Lee Lee was shot between the eyes.

The pellet ricocheted into his eye socket causing him to lose an eye.

Mrs Pilmore continued: “Last year I think there was about six similar incidents in our area. It is so cruel, we ask anyone who knows anything to get in touch. One of our other cats was poisoned with anti freeze last year and we had to have her put to sleep.

“We love our pets, they are like our babies. It is shocking that this has happened.”

RSPCA figures reveal that air rifle injuries on animals had leapt up by almost 40 per cent to almost 800 attacks reported to the charity in 2012.

The attacks include several cats shot in the face and whose eyes had to be removed and others who did not survive after being shot.

For more information or to report animal cruelty visit the RSPCA website