Bellamy Road estate resident calls for Police and Mansfield District Council to take action after third dog attack

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A Mansfield woman has called for local authorities to take more action after a third dog attack on the Bellamy Road Estate last week.

Lindy Trench is the third person in three weeks to be terrified into not leaving her home after her 16-year-old son and dog were attacked.

It is a growing concern for residents on the estate that dogs are becoming a problem in the area.

Miss Trench said: “Not enough is being done to address the problem, if there was why are these attacks still happening?

“You think you are protecting your dog by putting it on a lead but even that isn’t safe now.”

Miss Trench was leaving her house to walk her dog when a Staffie came out of nowhere and attacked them.

It is the second attack where the attacking dog has not been on a lead.

Miss Trench’s son received hospital treatment for wounds to his hand and her dog was rushed to the emergency vets.

She continued: “There were four men on the rogue dog that were trying to get it off, it’s scary because people are not raising pets, they are raising animals.

“What keeps playing in my head is that if I had been on my own without my son and other people there, what chance would I have stood against that dog?”

Police said they are aware of the recent incidents and they are being thoroughly reviewed to see if any criminal offences occurred.

A spokesman added that the dog in relation to one of the incidents is now staying at a different premises.

Mark Berrill, Mansfield District Council dog warden, said the council would like to have more power over irresponsible dog owner .

“Dangerous dogs are a police matter as they have powers to take action. We have taken on board everything else we can from responsible dog ownership view.”