Beaten man photographed during robbery in Mansfield’s Titchfield Park

A woman took shocking photos on her mobile phone in Titchfield Park of a robbery victim unconscious on the ground and covered in blood.

They were described as ‘distressing’ by a judge before he jailed 20-year-old Kaleta Haughton and her two male accomplices for a total of just over 16 years.

Haughton had arranged to meet victim Brent Dickens at the entrance to the park on 15th December last year after an getting to know him on an internet dating site.

Haughton lived nearby at the YMCA hostel on Commercial Gate and wanted her victim’s mobile phone to sell for drugs, said Sue Matthews, prosecuting.

She recruited Connor Hopewell, 18, and Ben Grimmer, 21, at the hostel, Nottingham Crown Court was told.

Haughton’s phone revealed she was in contact with the other two on the night of the robbery.

The victim could remember arranging to meet a girl called Kaleta but then nothing until waking up in hospital.

He had lost his glasses, his mobile phone in a leather case and his wallet containing bank cards and a small amount of cash.

Two members of the public walking through the park found him covered in blood holding onto railings with a broken nose, swollen face and bruising.

The police were called and found a large amount of blood on the ground as well.

A search of Haughton’s room revealed a top with blood on it. Her phone showed she had texted someone offering to sell someone a mobile in return for drugs.

It also revealed she had the photos of the badly beaten victim. All three accused pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery.

Haughton had previous convictions for dishonesty and had been given a suspended sentence for house burglary.

Hopewell, only 17 at the time, was in breach of a conditional discharge for assaulting a police constable.

Grimmer asked for a separate offence of attempted street robbery to be taken into consideration.

In mitigation it was said Haughton had played no part in the violence. She had been living an aimless life but had now weaned herself off drugs.

Hopewell had been in the habit of taking drink and drugs and Grimmer, it was said, was sickened by what he had done. He had used amphetamine and cannabis.

Judge James Sampson told them: “The photographs of the victim’s face are shocking. He is hardly recognisable such was the severity of the beating.”

The judge added: “This was a sustained attack with repeated kicks to the head.”

They had all left the scene without an ambulance.

Haughton was sentenced to 5 years and 3 months, Hopewell was given 4 years and 10 months and Grimmer got the heaviest sentence of 6 years.