Beat Speak - Mansfield and Ashfield’s (Temporary) Supt Paul Winter writes for Chad

Anyone who has been a victim of burglary will probably agree that it’s an incredibly invasive and upsetting experience.

The fact that someone has been into your home - the very place you associate with safety and comfort - is a source of great anxiety for many burglary victims.

That is exactly why tackling burglary is one of our top priorities, with officers carrying out patrols in hot-spot areas, targeting known offenders and offering crime prevention advice to residents.

And our tactics appear to be working. The latest Home Office figures reveal that house burglaries have been slashed by 36% in Mansfield and by 30% in Ashfield between October 2010 and September 2011.

That equates to 354 fewer people who have endured the trauma of being a victim.

While the results are encouraging, the fact remains that we are still getting burglaries due to doors or windows being unlocked. I cannot stress the importance of ensuring your properties are secure and valuable items are left out of view.

Opportunist thieves need very little encouragement to rob you of your handbag or expensive mobile phone so I urge you to make it as difficult for them as possible.

And it’s not just burglary that has a massive impact on victims. Antisocial behavior is a continuing issue all over the country and can often have a massive impact on people’s lives.

We continue to work with partner agencies to ensure those who cause problems in our communities are held to account.

Just last month, Kirkby-in-Ashfield man Sean Vince, 27, was given an ASBO which bans him from entering Kirkby town centre.

He is also prevented from causing harassment or fear to any of the shop staff there. If he breaches the order, Vince will find himself back before the courts.

I hope this sends a very clear message that threatening, abusive or intimidating behavior simply will not be tolerated in Mansfield and Ashfield, or in any part of Nottinghamshire.

Everyone deserves to live in their communities without fear and if we continue to work with partners and the local community, we can ensure Mansfield is an area in which people are proud to live and work.

Your local officers are on hand to talk to you about issues in your area. Call the force’s new non emergency number, 101, to find out more.

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