Beat Speak

OPPORTUNIST burglars will not hesitate in taking take full advantage of the excellent cover provided by shadows and darkness.

And with the winter nights getting longer and darker, we often experience an increase in burglaries.

Being a victim of burglary can be even more distressing around this time of year, when people have presents for loved ones that they have been saving up all year to buy.

Residents can take a few simple extra precautions to prevent burglaries, including making sure their homes are secure and expensive items are not left on show.

Nottinghamshire Police has been working to prevent burglaries to catch criminals, and we have had some good recent results.

Shane Green (20), and Mark Staniland, (26), both from Sutton, were sentenced to 32 months in prison for handling stolen goods in an appearance at Nottingham Crown Court on 25th October. The property recovered from them was traced back to a recent house burglary in the Sutton area.

These achievements are not only being experienced throughout the Ashfield district but also in Mansfield, which has also seen a significant drop in house burglaries.

Our dedicated officers and staff live and work in this area and they are committed to making a difference - which is the very reason they put on their uniforms and suits on every single day and come to work.

Whilst we would prefer for burglaries not to happen at all, we want to swiftly apprehend the culprits when it does happen and we would not be able to do this without the continued assistance and cooperation of local people.

In the days leading up to Christmas we will be increasing our efforts to bring more criminals to justice but we need everyone’s help to achieve greater success.

If you see someone hanging about on your street or behaving in a way that makes you suspicious then we really want to know about it. It’s not about being a ‘grass’ or an ‘informant’ - it’s about being a good neighbour.

Anyone with information about a crime should call Nottinghamshire Police’s new non emergency number, 101. The phone number was launched in early November and will make police officers more accessible by giving residents one easy number to remember.

Those who want to provide information anonymously should call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Residents can keep up to date with what’s happening where they live by signing up to neighbourhood alert. This is a text and email system which sends free updates about local crime and incidents via email or text. Sign up by visiting

And if you have a particular problem in your area, then why not tell Nottinghamshire Police about it by completing a neighbourhood survey online at or speak to your local beat team.