‘Beast of Bolsover’ biography nominated Political Book of the Year

Dennis Skinner with his biography, Sailing Close to the Wind
Dennis Skinner with his biography, Sailing Close to the Wind

Bolsover MP Dennis Skinner’s biography, Sailing Close to the Wind, has been nominated for Political Book of the Year.

The MP’s book has been nominated in Paddy Power’s Political Book Awards 2015, which is held in association with politicos.co.uk.

A total of 62 books have been shortlisted across 10 categories.

Also nominated are political heavyweights Boris Johnson, Nadine Dorries and Gordon Brown. Journalists Andrew Marr and John Rentour have also been shortlisted for awards.

Mr Skinner, known by his nickname “The Beast of Bolsover”, has been an MP since 1970.

He said: “The book has been selling extremely well. I’ve probabably signed more than 5,000 books myself.

“I’ve been pestered to write it for twenty-odd years at least. I wasn’t very happy with the first result and I abandoned it three years ago. Then I showed it to my children and told them if they liked it, I’d publish it. They haven’t let me down.

“Feedback has been good, people have said they read it in my voice. Politics doesn’t start at Westminster, that’s what the book is about.”

The judging panels are made up of leading political figures, political journalists and people from the world of publishing.

This year’s panel includes Lord Ascroft, Charles Clarke, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Damian McBride, Ann Treneman, Andrew Mitchell, Caroline Michel, Marilyn Warnick and Mary Beard.