Battle to bring HS2 to Ashfield area

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Selston councillors have taken their fight for Ashfield to benefit from the proposed HS2 railway to a public consultation.

The proposed HS2 hopes to improve travel up and down the country by linking major cities.

But councillors Gail Turner and Paul Wilson say they want to see Ashfield benefit from the line,which currently has no positive impact for Ashfield at all.

Gail Turner, Nottinghamshire County coun for Selston Area Independents, said: “HS2 is coming along nicely but we can’t see any benefit to Ashfield as it stands. In fact we have only seen the negative product of HS2.

“Developments that we had secured planning permission for can’t happen now because it is on the HS2 preferred route. One development would have brought 100 jobs to the area that are now lost. Transportation in the area is poor, particularly in Selston and Pinxton.

“We believe we should be asking for investment for railway stations to be set up so people can get down to Nottingham and Toton.”

Coun Turner and Wilson attended a public consultation on Monday (9th December) to present their concerns. The Government has deposited a hybrid bill with Parliament for Phase One of HS2 between London and the West Midlands and it has now started to look into Phase Two from the West Midlands to further north.

The councillors believe that by using existing and fully maintained railway lines like the Mineral Line which leads to the Robin Hood Line, the move to access HS2 is possible.

Coun Turner added: “The lines in the area are already up and running and fully maintained and we would like to see railway stations in places like Selston, Pinxton and Jacksdale for better connectivity.

“But we need more support and to get a proper group going. It is very important we get the community to work together so we can bring this to the area.”

Parish councils have already backed the idea including Pinxton, Selston and Annesley. Diane Chadburn will be directly affected if HS2 goes ahead. Her home, on Kirkby Lane, Linby, will be demolished after being in her family since 1939. She said: “Our home along with the other cul-de-sac of houses are directly on the preferred route. People say its just bricks and mortar but it will be a shame to see what we have built knocked down. We can’t see any benefit to HS2, our concern is that it will be a rich man’s railway.”