Bat-ten men race across Europe

The Bat-ten mobile
The Bat-ten mobile

A team of caped crusaders will be racing across Europe to raise money for charity in a ‘Battenmobile’ banger tomorrow (September 7).

Super heroes Shaun Revill, Jason Lumley Steve Hill from Huthwaite-based SR Timber will dress as Batman characters as they step up to the challenge of the 2017 Pavestone Rally driving a ‘banger’ from Dover to Monte Carlo.

Trading director Shaun 48, who paid £500 for the T reg Jaguar S Type V6 Se Auto reg on Ebay, said:“The company specialises in supplying roofing battens so we decided the car would be the ‘Batten-mobile’.

“We have just had it professionally wrapped and it looks the part.

“I am really excited it will be great fun and the two causes Teenage Cancer Trust and The Rainy Day Trust are very deserving.

“It’s going to be a long drive for the three of us and I am sure there will be plenty of challenges to overcome.”

The teams will have a series of challenges to complete not least keeping their trusty banger on the road and operational -and all four days will be spent in fancy dress.

Shaun said they had already decided on the theme this year - they will drive dressed as Batman through the ages , from the 60s camp TV incarnation through the 80s to the latest Batman, on other days adopting a freestyle approach , dressing as doctors nurses and clowns.

The SR Timber team will drive through 10 countries in four days; - a total of 1,287 miles - Belgium via Ghent, stopping in Luxembourg City. Heading through Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Italy before driving to Monte Carlo. The team as a target to raise £5,000 and so far they have raised £3,000. R Timber is no stranger to fundraising, last year Richard Stone and Jason climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the British Heart Foundation and raised £8,000. More than 40 UK companies are taking part.

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