Bassetlaw MP says better future for the region lies north with Sheffield and not Nottingham

John Mann feels Bassetlaw has a better future linked to Sheffield than to NottinghamJohn Mann feels Bassetlaw has a better future linked to Sheffield than to Nottingham
John Mann feels Bassetlaw has a better future linked to Sheffield than to Nottingham
This week Bassetlaw Council will make its decision on whether or not to join with the other councils and become part of the Sheffield City Region.

I conducted a survey of Bassetlaw residents to find out their views on this issue.

More than 1,500 people responded and my survey showed that 72 per cent of Bassetlaw people support joining the Sheffield City Region.

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This view was held throughout Bassetlaw, from Misterton to Worksop, to Harworth and Bircotes.

This decision will determine whether we tie our transport infrastructure and our economic growth strategy into Sheffield City Region or to the North Midlands Deal.

I believe that our future lies with of the Sheffield City Region authority as it is to Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield we turn for work, sport and shopping and not Nottingham or Derby.

Our hospitals are linked to South Yorkshire and our major rail and road links are to the north, not to Nottingham or Derby.

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Not only this, but we would also be able to link in with Sheffield’s Universities and colleges for skills training and to South Yorkshire’s industry and employment base.

The deal for the North Midlands is still being negotiated with the Government.

But in my view, that deal offers little for Bassetlaw.

We won’t use the proposed tram link between the two cities or benefit from there increased connectivity to East Midlands Airport

The sign up to Sheffield City Region is purely based on the economy and public services such as education and social services will continue to be provided by the county.

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In the months ahead the public will be asked their on this and I will keep residents updated on the latest developments.

This week, the Chancellor has unveiled his budget in Parliament amid much fanfare.

But, as usual it will be in the days ahead that the secrets of his eighth budget will be revealed.

A Chancellor who has added over half a billion pounds to the national debt in five years doesn’t have much room for manoeuvre.

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This past week saw local councillor Sarah Farncombe host her Big Ideas, Big Ambitions event at the Worksop Post-16 centre.

This brought together local and national employers, and our armed forces who provided advice, guidance and a career opportunities to local teenagers.

The event was a great success and I would like to congratulate and thank Sarah and all the people involved who gave up their time and expertise to make it such a success.

n John Mann’s next surgeries will be Friday, April 15 in Worksop and Misterton and Saturday, April 16 in Retford and Harworth.

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