Barrow Hill Roundhouse concert is last chance this year to see Rick Wakeman after health scare

Prog-rock legend Rick Wakeman has warned fans that his concert at Barrow Hill Roundhouse this week may be the last opportunity to see him play this year, after doctors advised him to cull his diary after a health scare.
Rick WakemanRick Wakeman
Rick Wakeman

Rick has announced that he is pulling out of all of his concerts this year for health reasons so this Friday will be the last performance until the medics can give him the green light.

Doctors have advised Rick to “cull his diary” due to his history of heart problems and a recent relapse just after Easter.

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On his website, Rick says: “I had quite a serious health scare which necessitated my “culling” my diary quite drastically and although my health has improved and blood pressure heading the right way etc etc, it’s meant, that on advice, I have had to take a really close look at what is currently in for the rest of this year and doing quite a lot more culling”.

“This means that the Barrow Hill Roundhouse concert on Friday 11th of this month will be the only English Rock Ensemble concert this year and so that now makes it very special indeed. Everybody is really looking forward to it and I know it’s going to be very special.”