Barbeque warning

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Rangers are reminding visitors that barbeques are not allowed to be used at Sherwood Forest Country Park.

The country park is part of Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve and as such is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) with a rich diversity of wildlife to protect and nurture.

At the weekend, county council rangers picked up four disposable barbeques in and around the country park – despite there being advisory signs that people cannot bring them onto site.

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Paul Cook, Nottinghamshire County Council’s assistant site manager for Sherwood Forest Country Park said: “We want everyone who comes to visit to enjoy themselves have a picnic and have a wonderful time, but we have to remind people that barbeques cause a hazard and are not allowed on site.

People who have used these barbeques leave the embers of the barbeque which can be scolding and are a fire risk to the surrounding area, and therefore a danger to wildlife and plants if a fire breaks out.

“They have also left the grills themselves (which have meat residue which dogs and wildlife love to eat) and which can cause burns if a child or park ranger picks them up soon after they have been discarded – or are simply littering the area if left for good.”

Elsewhere, Sherwood Pines ask visitors to follow the BBQ code on display near all pay and display car parking machines.