Banner protests for Bilsthorpe residents against incinerator plans

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Residents draped huge banners around their village in an act of defiance as officials sized up the area with plans to build an incinerator.

Planners were in Bilsthorpe last week and were greeted by protestors who are battling to halt the plans.

Led by action group RAGE (Residents Against Gasification Experiment) they have unravelled the banners on roads into the village with the clear message reading ‘No Incinerator’.

This included Mickledale Lane where people had gathered to show support for RAGE during last week’s 

A spokesman for the group said: “The planners visited Bilsthorpe to look at the proposed location for this monstrosity and they were left in no doubt as to how we feel about it.

“It’s also very important that anyone visiting Bilsthorpe for whatever reason knows about this plan.

“This will leave no-one in any doubt as to how we feel about this threatened monstrosity.

“Bilsthorpe is sick and tired of being a dumping ground for everyone else’s unwanted development, particularly this one.

“Let no-one tell you this so-called ‘gasification plant’ isn’t an incinerator, because under the Industrial Emissions Directive, it certainly is.”

The facility is proposed to be constructed on land at the Former Bilsthorpe Colliery, off Eakring Road, and would manage waste materials utilising a plasma gasification process to produce electricity.

Residents have been protesting since the idea was mooted nearly three years ago, and have the backing of local councillors and MPs.

Covering an area of 3.7-hectare, there are major concerns that the chimneys could spread poisonous fumes far and wide and not only affect Bilsthorpe, but the surrounding villages.

“The prevalent wind direction from west to east concerns residents of other villages in the area as it will be they who will be affected by the plume from the proposed incinerator’s 200ft high chimneys,” added the spokesman.

The application has been submitted by Peel Environment, who say they have listened to the residents throughout the planning process.

They say that 46 full-time positions will be created by the plant, and hundreds more during the construction phase.