Banned South Normanton driver fled scene following car crash

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A banned South Normanton driver fled following a collision that injured the occupants of the other car, a court heard. weds

Craig Littlewood was driving a Volkswagen Golf along Alfreton Road, Pinxton, when it was in collision with an oncoming vehicle.

The crash resulted in injuries to Paul and Mathew Townsend and Littlewood (42) fled from the scene.

“One witness estimated his speed at 80mph and another described it as excessive,” Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield.

“He doesn’t accept he was travelling at speed. He was adamant that he was trying to avoid a car before the bend and that’s what caused him to lose control.”

Littlewood, of Downing Street, South Normanton, admitted driving while disqualified and without insurance and failing to stop and report an accident on 6th May.

But he denied a charge of careless driving relating to the incident.

He will be sentenced for the admitted offences following a trial on the careless driving charge on 16th November.

Denney Lau, for Littlewood, said he was banned from driving in 1996 and is required to pass an extended test before driving unsupervised again - but he had not completed the test.

“Before the bend, a car on the other side of the road cut the bend and he had to take evasive action.

“He hit the kerb and his vehicle then came into the path of another oncoming vehicle. He panicked and ran away but he contacted police afterwards,” said Mr Lau.