Band releases Rigby tribute

A song by a Mansfield singer penned in reaction to last Wednesday’s attack on soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich has struck a chord with others traumatised by the atrocity.

Paul Lewis, of Priory Jones & The Mission, said reaction to the song, which he wrote, recorded and uploaded to the internet after hearing the news had ‘blown him away.’

Said Paul: “Watching the events unfold on the news last Wednesday I was completely shell shocked. I could not believe what I was witnessing.

“The actions of the attackers made the whole situation surreal. The way people were walking by with shopping bags and just standing around in shock made the whole situation seem fictional.”

“Images kept going round and round in my head for the next few days and I was trying to make sense of why and how someone could act in such a way.

“I was also starting to notice the tensions rising and that started me thinking.”

Paul said the next thing he knew he was sat down with his acoustic guitar turning his feelings into a song.

He added: “The song carries a message of unity and that as long as we all stick together as one we will work our way through troubled times. It was written in five minutes and just seemed to naturally flow.

“It emerged early Saturday that the song seemed to be striking a chord with people still in shock with the events.

“Some of the messages I have had have just stunned me with people saying it was one of the most beautiful songs they had heard.”

Paul has now been given permission to release Reach Up (Don’t Let It Be In Vain) as a Help For Heroes charity single with all the profits going to the good cause.

The track is currently available from and will 
soon be available on iTunes.