Balanced debate: ‘bedroom tax’ is not a tax at all

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It is disappointing to read another one sided article not giving the full facts or a reasoned, balanced view.

Just another article from one political party to denigrate the initiative of the other mainstream political party. “Same problem, different day” taking exactly the opposing view- whatever that is. If we are going to have a debate, let’s have a proper one.

What about Joe Average for a change? Consider that the “bedroom tax” is not a tax at all. Housing benefit is provided free to support people. A special support arrangement for desperate people – not a way of life or perk for anyone who can play the system.

There should be adequate protection to ensure that vulnerable people are protected where they need support. As for the “victims” - does he really believe that all offspring move back into their parents each weekend?

The Tories want to pay housing benefit appropriate to your circumstances. People won’t need to move at all, they just won’t be subsidised for a large house and may well be given less than before. What’s the problem?

Do we have a housing shortage or an immigration overload caused by Labour open door policy on migration? Should housing benefit be automatically available at 16 years of age as a career choice?

Why don’t the government set housing benefit rates and therefore control market values and not pay ridiculous sums (often) directly to greedy landlords? True cost = £billions.

Yes, Tory tax cuts to millionaires are disgusting – but a separate problem, irrelevant to this topic.

It surprises me why it surprises you that people like UKIP are doing so well.

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