Bah humbug!

I’ve been going to Morrison’s and myself and my daughter always choose the same person on the checkout each week to check our goods through and you get to know these friendly people each week.

In fact when one is not on we have a couple of other ladies we go to.

We wanted to show our appreciation to the three ladies by giving them something small we had brought, but the supervisor said it was not allowed.

We felt like criminals being told about this.

It’s Christmas, it’s supposed to be about being kind to others, all we wanted to do was to give a small token of our thanks for their kindness but Morrison’s don’t believe, I wonder if their bosses refuse their gifts?

After all Christmas is all about giving and if one cannot show that by giving a small token of thanks for ones kindness through the year. It’s getting a poor world we’re living in.

A very disappointed pensioner.