Back to the drawing board for Meden Vale singer-songwriter Pete

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A singer has put down his microphone in favour of a paintbrush in a bid to re-launch his artistic career.

Pete Shields from Meden Vale has made a name for himself on the local music circuit in recent years as a key member of local bands King Biscuit and The Peacock Page.

But the 54-year-old vocalist is now carving out a carefully-crafted sideline in caricature drawings.

Working out of his flat on Ossington Close, he has built up a portfolio of prints from the world of music, entertainment and sport.

But putting pencil to paper is nothing knew for Pete, the former miner used to draw pictures of his work colleagues, and was even commissioned by Arthur Scargill to draw propaganda posters during the miners’ strike.

Having sent a one-off sketch to singer-songwriter Ross Wilson online, and he loved it so much he asked him to draw one of his band’s bass player.

“It’s kick-started my career again,” said Pete.

“It’s something I have been doing on and off for years, but this has given me the confidence to do this again.

“Years ago you had to hand post everything now, but now everything is so much easier with the internet and Facebook. I used to struggle to keep it afloat but now I can have a decent stab at it.

“I do not see it as separate from music, they’re both a form of creativity, and I love doing both.

“I love song writing and doing my caricatures, if I can make a living doing either then I will!”

Pete now has more than 50 sketches in his portfolio, including Nottinghamshire pro golfer Lee Westwood, which is now hanging up in Worksop Golf Club where Lee, a former world number one, used to play.

Pete can be contacted on