Baby trapped in car rescued by Mansfield supermarket staff

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A mother who accidentally locked her baby in her car at a Mansfield supermarket has thanked those who helped rescue the child.

Susanne Peters took to social media to praise those who helped rescue her 16-month-old boy at Tesco, Oak Tree Lane, after he was left trapped in a hot car for 40 minutes.

She described it as a “traumatising and amazing experience” after so many people rushed to help.

She said on Facebook: “I think there must have been 10 to 15 different people trying to help us.

“It was the most traumatic day of my life, watching my baby boy cry, trapped in a hot car pouring with sweat, and yet I’ve never felt so supported or safe.”

Susanne returned to her car from the store and threw the keys onto the front seat as she strapped her son in.

However, as she walked back around to the driver’s side, the car locked.

She frantically raised the alarm with staff who she says “descended with the upmost care and compassion”.

She said: “Staff brought coat hangers to try fish my keys out of a tiny gap, brought toys, water and biscuits so my son could be pacified when we got him out. They never left my side.”

One Tesco worker, Mark Walker, said: “I was doing my best to keep the little guy happy, pulling faces through the window.

“It was not boiling hot, but it was hot enough and the mother was really distressed.

“We were doing what we could to try to calm her down, and her little boy, but they were both fine.”

Susanne says she would have been happy to have smashed the window to her car, but was concerned shards could have easily covered her baby.

However, the fire service was called and attached a special adhesive to the window to prevent the smashed glass covering the youngster.

Susanne said: “As I left I was given a massive hug and some flowers. They all deserve praise. What an incredible team. I am forever indebted to them.”