Award soured by actions of park trustees

It was very gratifying to receive recognition for over 50 years of athletics when I was recently awarded the 2012 England Athletics Services to Coaching (as reported in Chad last week.)

Whist I have worked with athletes and coaches from all over the Midlands, since 1960 my base for some three days a week has been with Mansfield Harriers at the track in Berry Hill Park.

It is a great personal pity that this award is soured by the actions of the Trustees of Berry Hill Park in expelling the Harriers from the athletics facilities. I am even more dismayed by the effect this action has had on the many young athletes who have now cannot train on the only athletics facility in Mansfield.

All around the country are reports of youngsters flocking to athletics tracks after the Olympic,s but in Mansfield there is not access to the facilities so the Harriers are unable play their full part in developing the Olympic Legacy.

Ted Grey,

Hurdles Coach

Mansfield Harriers & AC.