Author preserves Pleasley memories

Ralph Stone has written a book about Pleasley.
Ralph Stone has written a book about Pleasley.

A first-time author has put together what he has described as being the first illustrated history of Pleasley.

Ralph Stone, who lives on Woburn Road, has recently had published ‘Pleasley - A Study in Time’, a book which has been four decades in the making.

The retired Metal Box worker, who was born in Pleasley, had collected so many photographs and stories from the village he felt it was time to officially document them, or risk losing them forever.

He said: “I have been collecting material for many years, since the 70s, and people have said I should get it all written down before I get knocked down by the number seven bus!

“It could have just ended up in a box in the attic and be thrown out when that bus eventually arrived!”

More than 250 copies have been printed, with more than half already snapped up.

Mr Stone has even sold copies to ex-pats living in Spain, Canada and Australia.

The A4-sized 140-page book charts Pleasley’s history as far back as pre-historic times, up to the mid 2000s.

Crammed with photographs from down the years, it tackles how the village evolved, including its colliery beginnings in the 1870s to its closure more than a century 

“It’s been very interesting and people have been very helpful,” added Mr Stone.

“Nobody has attempted this before, there’s been pamphlets and booklets but not a complete picture of Pleasley.

“I’m very pleased with it. I’ve enjoyed the whole process, but it went from the stage of what to put it in it, to what I had to take out!”

Priced at £7.50, they are available from Mansfield Museum or by calling Mr Stone on 01623 406703 or emailing him on