Attacker apologises after assault on tragic victim

A remorseful offender has apologised after he struck a man who sadly died of natural causes just days later.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 11th February 2014, 6:29 pm
Pictured is Joshua Blount, 28, of Lea Court, Worksop, who pleaded guilty to assault during a Chesterfield magistrates' court hearing.
Pictured is Joshua Blount, 28, of Lea Court, Worksop, who pleaded guilty to assault during a Chesterfield magistrates' court hearing.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Monday, February 10, how Joshua Blount had been at a get-together at a home on Holmefield Road, Whitwell, with others when he attacked 39-year-old Karl Pendleton and fled the property.

Prosecuting solicitor Michael Treharne explained Mr Pendleton, of Worksop, passed away four days later but a post mortem report confirmed he died of natural causes and the assault had not contributed to his death.

Mr Treharne said: “This is a sad state of affairs from everyone’s point of view.

“There had been a play-fight with another man but the defendant’s shirt was ripped.

“There was a bit of banter about the value of the shirt and the defendant said it was about £50 but Mr Pendleton tutted.

“The defendant struck out once or maybe twice and Mr Pendleton was struck above the eye with a bad cut.”

Following the attack on July 20, the wound bled badly and needed to be seen by ambulance and hospital staff but Mr Pendleton’s death on Tuesday, July 24, was not connected.

The court heard an altercation also developed outside the property after the incident but Blount drove away.

Mr Treharne said Blount narrowly missed colliding with a police car before his vehicle overturned on nearby Station Road where officers rescued him.

Blount, 28, of Lea Court, Worksop, pleaded guilty to assault, failing to stop a vehicle when directed by police and driving without due care and attention.

He told the court: “What I did was completely wrong. I was in a bad place at the time. I had been made redundant and I was looking at losing my house.

“I lashed out and should have spoken about my concerns. I apologise to the court and to the family and everyone.”

Probation officer Katie Shannon said Blount had felt disrespected and reacted without thinking but he has shown remorse and regret.

Defence solicitor Morgan Read said Blount had been upset because he had been made redundant and a five-year relationship had collapsed.

Mr Read said: “He described to me having only his pride left and he took a slight on his personality and reacted unwisely.”

Magistrates sentenced Blount, who is now a fork-lift truck driver, to a 12 month community order with 140 hours of unpaid work. His driving licence was endorsed with six points and he was ordered to pay £625 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.