Ashfield traders enjoy bumper Christmas sales

NMAC11-3512-2'Sutton Shoppers
NMAC11-3512-2'Sutton Shoppers

BUSINESSES across Ashfield say they have been encouraged by a busy Christmas period as bargain-hunting shoppers flocked to the area in huge numbers.

Bosses say shoppers have been splashing the cash at stores across Sutton over the last two weeks

Karen Gascoigne, store manager at Boots in Sutton’s Idlewells Shopping Centre, says they have been busy during the Christmas period.

“We were busy right up until Christmas especially in the last few days leading up to Christmas,” she said.

“We were back open on Boxing Day and have seen a lot of footfall so there is obviously money around.

“The sales have gone down well with customers as we anticipated which we’re very pleased with.”

Terry Lake, store manager at Yeomans Outdoor Leisure in Sutton, says that the store was busy over Christmas.

“We were expecting it to be quite hard this year because more people are buying online but we have received a good footfall of traffic.

“Because of the type of store we are, people like to come in and try things on so they can be sure of what they’re buying.

“The atmosphere has been pretty good in the Idlewells Centre, we’ve had the lights on and music playing which helps.”

Jade Smith, who works at The Manor GiftShop in the Idlewells Shopping Centre, says they have experienced a very busy December.

“People are coming in and buying everything, we only took over this shop in March but Christmas sales figures seem to be about the same as last year,” she said.

But Argos customer services manager Carol Smith said their sales were down on previous years with so much competition both locally and online.

“We are surrounded by places like B&M and Poundland and we simply cannot compete with those prices,” she said.

“There are so many ways that people can shop these days and although we’ve had a steady flow of people through the store we have not reached our sales targets.

“In previous years we’ve had people queuing through the doors but a lot of people are ordering online now and getting things delivered to their doors.”