Ashfield School students celebrate best A Level results ever

Ashfield School was celebrating its best ever A level results today, with Sutton Academy reporting an ‘exceptional year’
Ashfield School student Joseph Higginson passfour A levels with an A*, an A and two B grades.Ashfield School student Joseph Higginson passfour A levels with an A*, an A and two B grades.
Ashfield School student Joseph Higginson passfour A levels with an A*, an A and two B grades.

Alan Smith, director of post 16 education said: “This has been our best ever year for A2 grades, which is the benchmark standard.

“We got 40 per cent of the A2 grades A* to B, which is up three per cent from last year.

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“We are very pleased and everybody has performed fantastically well.

“Some of our students are going to Russell Group universities to study very competitive courses.”

“We have three students going on to medical school which is something we have never had before.

“The year group as a whole have been fantastic for the whole two years with a great work ethic.”

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Ashfield school pass rate for A* to E was 98 percent and the A* pass rate was 3 per cent.

Mr Smith added: “Last year we had a 99 per cent pass rate - but this year the number of A* grades doubled.”

Richard Carlin, Head of Sixth Form at Sutton Academy said it had been an exceptional year there too, with a bumper crop of A levels.

Mr Carlin said: “100 per cent of students have gained level 3 qualifications with 83 per cent of students moving onto Higher Education. We wish them all the luck in their future studies and careers.

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The atmosphere was electric at Ashfield School this morning as students told the Chad about their hopes for the future.

Student Joe Tomlinson passed two A*s and 2A grades was one of the top performing students.

He is going to University College, London to study Chemical Engineering.

Kirsty Payne passed two As in Chemistry and Psychology and an A* in Biology. She got the grades to enable her to study Medicine at Sheffield University.

She said: “I am so happy I can’t believe it!”

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Greg Smith passed As in Chemistry, Biology and Physics, with A* in Maths.

Greg said: “I was nervous this morning but I’m very pleased with my results.

“It has been a lot of hard work with constant revising.”

He has gained a place at Newcastle University to study Medicine.

Florin Bailey, who passed at A in Music said she was hoping to take a gap year off to travel before trying for a career as a singer.

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She said: ”I was the only one in the music class this year. It has been tough but worth it.”

Molly Higginson gained an A* in History and As in English and Biology. She is off to Durham University to study English and History.

She said: “I worked really hard, I’m glad it paid off- my grades were better than I expected.”

Joseph Higginson passed A* in Art, A in French and Bs in English and German. He is hoping to study French, Italian and Arabic at Warwick University.

“He said: “I feel relieved - I got about what I expected.”

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Phoebe Brough passed at grade E in English and passed her Uniformed Services Diploma. Phoebe is planning to join the Army as a Military Combat medic.

She said: “I am really happy to get what I needed. I have always wanted to be an army medic and I am looking forward to starting my training at Purbright and Lichfield.”

Michelle Muyunda passed two A grades in Performance Studies and Psychology and a B in English.

Michelle said: “I was nervous for four weeks - it has all been a bit of a blur. I checked my results last night on the UCCA site so I wouldn’t be upset this morning.”

She is set to study Law at the University of Nottingham.

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At Sutton Academy, students passed a bumper crop of A levels. Jordan Westlake gained 3 A*s in Maths, Chemistry and Physics and is now going to The University of Manchester to study Physics with Astrophysics.

Close behind is Dion Dobrzynski with 2 A*s in English Literature and History and an A in English Language.

Dion is making his way to Durham University to study English Literature.

Sam Harvey and Alex Marshall both gained 3 As (Biology, English Literature & History and Biology, Chemistry and Geography) to study English at Edinburgh University and Zoology and Exeter.

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