Ashfield sand quarry could be given the green light

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PLANS to dig a sand quarry on the edge of Kirkby and Sutton could be given the green light by planners on Tuesday.

The multi-million proposal by Mansfield Sand is to open the quarry on land at Two Oaks Farm between Derby Road and Coxmoor Road.

It is to replace the 50-year-old quarry at Ratcher Hill close to Rainworth, which will run out of sand in five years time.

And the plans, which could see a £7.5m investment in the work, look set to be given the green light by planners who have recommended that it be given approval.

The quarry would cover more than 100 hectares of agricultural land, and Mansfield Sand say it would be once again restored to agricultural land once the area has been successfully quarried- with the hope of extracting million of tonnes of silica sand.

As part of the proposals, a new access road could be built off Coxmoor Road.

However, one resident who did not wish to be named, is opposing the plans.

He said it would affect the ecology and economy of the local area, says no extra jobs are being created despite the investment, will see a huge increase the amount of traffic in the area and questioned 
the safety of quarrying silica sand.

He added: “ The documents [from the planning application] are misleading and does 
not show the impact it will have on this area for the next 50 years.

“I can’t stress that enough, that’s 50 years we will have to put up with this.

“I’m sick of things like this being dumped on Ashfield.”

The plans are set to go before Nottinghamshire County Council on Tuesday morning.