Ashfield police close in on shoplifters

ASHFIELD police are sharing the details of known shoplifters with staff at local stores to reduce offending.

There were 77 incidents of shoplifting in Ashfield North between 10th September and 9th November and police have been meeting with business owners to reduce offending.

Some offences have occurred at Tesco Express stores in Huthwaite, Kirkby and Sutton.

As part of an initiative to reduce incidents, police have shared the details and photographs of known shoplifters with Tesco staff, which will allow them to monitor offenders.

Officers will also be holding regular surgeries at the stores, where they will be on hand to speak to shoppers as well as keep an eye out for thieves.

Police will also be visiting Tesco and other local shops in the area as part of their daily beat patrols.

Ashfield North Beat Manager Sgt Andy Downie said: “There are a select few in our communities who think they can walk into our local stores and leave with items without paying and this will simply not be tolerated.”

Popular items stolen by shoplifters include meat products as well as small but expensive items like pregnancy testing kits.

Sgt Downie added: “Repeat offenders should know that their photographs and details have been sent to shop staff and that we will make it as difficult as possible for them to get away with this sort of crime.

“The message is simple – we are watching you and anyone who is caught shoplifting will be swiftly arrested.”