Ashfield parks have improved

AS the Chairman of the Standards and Audit Committee, I accept Helen Beighton’s report (Chad, 3rd October) regarding the deficfit of £200,000 for Ashfield’s parks over three years, which culminated in many questions on how to reduce this deficit.

However,what was not reported was the excellent way the council has improved since the days of Qualified Opinions and Section 11, which cost the council dearly in External Audit fees and classed ADC as a poor council.

This year the council were given the thumbs up from External Audit who were impressed with the way the financial officers of the council had secured a sound financial position and concluded that proper arrangements were in place to secure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of its resources, which was accepted by all members on the committee.

I can assure your readers and the electorate of Ashfield that the deficit in cafes will be addressed and become more efficient and hopefully without the use of outside consultants.

Coun Ray Buttery,

Sutton West.