Ashfield MP wants better broadband for everyone in all areas

Gloria De Piero MP
Gloria De Piero MP

For a few days last week, the internet went down in my office and it reminded me just how vital access to good broadband is in modern day life, writes Gloria De Piero MP.

Without the internet, it is impossible for my staff to do 90 per cent of their work and it was so frustrating while it was down.

This issue is something I have spoken about many times and on several occasions I have helped Ashfield residents access superfast broadband where they didn’t have it before.

Research from the Centre for Towns organisation has highlighted huge variations in broadband speeds available across the country.

Ashfield performs remarkably well – ranking 36th in the country for average download speed.

But there are in-consistencies within the area.

Skegby and Kirkby, for example, have excellent coverage but Teversal and Annesley’s average speeds are much lower than those areas.

Residents regularly contact me about problems accessing superfast broadband – or any broadband access at all.

You can rest assured that in a world where reliable and fast internet access is essential for work, leisure, education and household admin jobs, I continue to lobby the Government on this issue and put pressure on those with the power to change the situation to make improvements.

I received some very interesting post last week from some young constituents aged 16 and 17 who had taken part in The Children’s Society’s Seriously Awkward campaign.

The campaign highlights the challenges of being in the stage between childhood and adulthood, particularly for vulnerable teenagers who need extra support in this difficult transition.

The group of Ashfield teenagers who got in touch were attending a National Citizen Service residential event and they raised issues such as wanting a tram linking Ashfield with Nottingham, the need for finance and budgeting to be taught in schools and the pressure of exams.

Thank you to all of them for writing to me – I have taken your thoughts on board.