Ashfield MP says the Tories simply cannot be trusted with the NHS

With an ageing population and the increasing complexity and frequency of certain health conditions, a long-term plan for our NHS is greatly needed, writes Gloria De Piero MP.

The Government published its version of this plan last week but to say there were some gaping holes is an understatement.

Gloria De Piero is giving her backing to the Sharewear scheme

Gloria De Piero is giving her backing to the Sharewear scheme

The irony of this situation cannot be lost – that after nearly nine years of failing to properly invest in and fund the NHS – the Tories now say it will take 10 years to get it back on track.

One of Labour’s fundamental problems with the plan is that with current vacancy rates for doctors and nurses, coupled with increases in staff shortage, mean there simply won’t be the staff to deliver the plan.

There are more 100,000 vacancies across the NHS, including for more than 40,000 nurses and 9,000 doctors.

According to recent estimates, by 2030 there will be 250,000 vacancies across the NHS.

I cannot see how this will improve without urgent action to recruit more doctors and nurses.

Continual under-funding of the NHS by this Government is taking its toll.

There is still no solution to the growing social care crisis and mental health services remain in desperate need of investment.

We hear time and again from the Tories that they believe in the NHS – but every year it becomes more and more clear that they just cannot be trusted when it comes to the NHS.

We are all unfortunately aware of food banks, but have you heard about clothing banks?

A Sharewear scheme has recently opened up from New Cross church to help alleviate the problem of clothing poverty by giving out high quality clothing to those in need.

It has expanded into this area from its Nottingham base and is taking on referrals from local organisations in the public and voluntary sector.

It is such a good idea and one I wholeheartedly back.

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