Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero’s column: Community involvement, MPs pay and the NHS

NMAC11-1277-5''Kings Mill Hospital
NMAC11-1277-5''Kings Mill Hospital

I was out door knocking in Kirkby the other day and although it’s summer now, one lady on Chartwell road grabbed me to tell me how each winter is a struggle to get off the road because there’s no grit. Last winter she even had to take three days off work to clear the snow herself.

She called Nottinghamshire County Council and was told they were sorted. I’m going to take this up for you Julie and demand Nottinghamshire County Council show some grit and fix it and I’ll send you the replies as soon as I get them.

I recently paid a visit to Westwood Recreation Ground and met community spirited local mums, child minders and children who with the help of their local councillor, Liz Mays, played a pivotal role in securing almost £50,000 to renovate the park. 

It’s a great story of what can be achieved when people get together to improve their local community. You only have to look at the kids faces to see how much the park means to them and without these inspirational women it may never have happened!
Some of you may have read reports that the Independent Regulator which sets MPs pay (IPSA) will recommend MPs should be paid a salary of £75,000.

The idea that we’d get a 10k pay rise in this climate is absolutely bonkers. It’s totally right that MPs have had their pay frozen for several years, given the circumstances facing millions of workers. Decisions over what we are paid must be consistent with what is happening to nurses, teachers and others in the public sector as well as conditions in the private sector.

Last Friday was one of the most important anniversaries in recent times – the day marked 65 years since the NHS was created by a Government that recognised the new for a health service in Britain available for everyone.

I’m sure that most of us at some point in our lives, young or old have a reason to be grateful for the NHS. It might not be perfect, but it remains an incredible institution and rightfully one of our country’s proudest achievements. Our own local hospital, King’s Mill has been through some tough times in the last couple of years but new bosses took charge last month. I’m really hoping that they can hit the ground running so we can say in 65 years time it’s the crown jewel of the NHS in Ashfield.