Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero discusses Kirkby improvements with Greenwoord Primary School pupils

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ASHFIELD MP Gloria De Piero recently visited Kirkby’s Greenwood Primary and Nursery School as part of Parliament Week, an exciting initiative designed to explain how and why Parliament matters to everyone in every community.

The Ashfield MP spent half an hour with 45 pupils from the Year Six class at the school, with some pupils asking questions about why Gloria became an MP, what was the longest debate in Parliament and who kept MPs in order in the House of Commons chamber.

Gloria also fielded questions about Kirkby and how to improve the town.

Speaking after the visit Gloria said: “It’s brilliant to know our school pupils are so concerned with their local environment. They had very clear ideas about what Kirkby needs to have a bright future.

“I’ll continue to make the points about the importance for young people to have youth clubs and top inject life into our high street. Thanks to them also for making me aware of issues of anti-social behaviour which I will be contacting the police about.

“I really enjoyed my afternoon there and the kids were great, smart, polite young people. I enjoyed it that much I could have stayed there all day.”