Ashfield motorists warned not to leave cars unattended in frosty weather

MOTORISTS across Ashfield are being urged not leave their cars unattended with the engine running to clear frost from the windscreen.

The warning comes after a Nottingham resident had his Vauxhall Corsa stolen from the driveway after he left his car to defrost on Sunday.

The engine had been switched on and the keys left in the ignition as the owner went back inside his Nottingham Road home at around midday.

Although the car was locked with a spare set of keys, someone smashed the driver’s window and drove the car away while the vehicle owner was inside the house.

The incident has prompted the local neighbourhood policing inspector to issue a warning which applies to vehicle owners across Nottinghamshire.

Temporary Inspector Andy Knight said: “This kind of incident shows that even when we think we’ve done enough to deter thieves, we may sometimes underestimate their determination to steal.

“Technological advances have made it increasingly difficult for car thieves to drive away a car without the key, so the security of the key itself has become as important as that of the car.

“It may seem that leaving the car with the engine running on the driveway is a way of using your time more efficiently than sitting inside waiting for the windscreen to begin clearing or scraping the frost away.

“However, it is actually presenting an opportunity for car thieves to strike. You can never be totally sure who may be watching your home and your car at any given time.

“Our advice would be to never leave your car keys unattended in the vehicle at any time. Leave the house five minutes earlier should you need to defrost the windscreen and remain with your car, even if it is only on your driveway.”