Ashfield Lib Dems hit back at national newspaper amid claims party HQ in Sutton was used as base for ‘horror’ movies

Ashfield Liberal Democrats headquarters on Outram Street, Sutton.
Ashfield Liberal Democrats headquarters on Outram Street, Sutton.

Ashfield Liberal Democrats have hit back at national newspaper allegations that the constituency headquarters in Sutton was used as a base for horror movies - blaming them on ‘Labour dirty tricks’.

The Sunday Mirror reported that auditions for the movies had been held at the party’s Outram Street premises.

But yesterday a spokesman for the Lib Dems said the party was considering taking legal action over the reports and dismissed them as political ‘dirty tricks’.

He said: “We are currently speaking to lawyers with regards to an article that appeared in the Labour supporting Sunday Mirror.

“There was a number of allegations that they printed that they knew to completely untrue.

“This is just another example of Labour’s dirty tricks here in Ashfield and we will not let anything deflect us from our aim to deliver positive change for Ashfield.”

The spokesman said the room in the building is booked for use regularly, and the party could not ‘control everything that goes on’.

He denied that scenes - allegedly shot in May 2012 - had been taken at the premises.

A Labour spokesman distanced the party from the story.

He said: “MP for Ashfield Gloria De Piero tries to avoid tit for tat things like this and the only thing the Labour Party is interested in here is running a positive campaign which focuses on the fact that she is the first local MP in over 20 years to live and work in Ashfield, and on the changes Labour will make to Britain.”

The claims come just a week after former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Jason Zadrozny was suspended by the party following an arrest due to historical sexual allegations.

He denies the allegations and says he will fight to clear his name.

A spokesperson for Trinity Mirror was not able to comment at time of going to print.