Ashfield kids living below poverty line

MORE than 5,000 children in parts of Ashfield are living below the poverty line, it has emerged.

Newly-released NHS statistics claim 5,510 children are living in poverty across the district - a jump of 500 children since last year’s report was produced.

But despite the bleak outlook, the Association of Public Health Authorities document also shows the number of obese children in Ashfield is lower than the national average, and they are more likely to be physically active. Young people aged under 20 from the Kirkby East ward were the most likely to be deprived, with 35.5 per cent in poverty according to the latest Department of Work and Pensions statistics, gathered in 2008.

Ashfield District Councillor Chris Baron told the Council’s cabinet at their meeting on Thursday it was something which needed to be addressed.

“Given that there are on average two children for each family, that means not only have we got thousands of children in poverty around the district, but you can take it that (their) mum and dad are living in poverty as well.

“We as an authority should be very concerned about that and we have to address it.”

Council leader John Knight said they had to work with other agencies to try and solve the issue.

Cabinet members agreed to support Nottinghamshire County Council’s Child Poverty Strategy, which seeks to reduce child poverty and mitigate its effects on children.