Ashfield Homes residents go green with new heating system

RESIDENTS living in a group of Sutton flats have had a new energy efficient communal heating system installed as part of a joint initiative between Ashfield Homes and Ashfield District Council.

Householders at Langton and Brookhill Courts had a new system - which combines gas heating with an innovative CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit - put in at the end of last month.

This system will save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings by generating its own electricity each time the heating is switched on.

Langton Court resident Christine Barnes said: “It has made such a difference to me having the new heating system.

“The fact that I can control the temperature of my heating and hot water means it is so much more comfortable in my flat.

“I am looking forward to a winter where hopefully we won’t have any boiler breakdowns.”

The new system works by creating a surplus of electricity when the power plant is in operation, which will be used to light the communal areas at Langton and Brookhill courts.

In addition, a back-up system has been installed in case there are any breakdowns to ensure that residents are never without heating.

As part of the project, homes have had their radiators upgraded with Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) and Programmable Room Thermostats so residents can control the inside temperature of their homes.

Assistant director of technical services at Ashfield Homes, Paul Bingham, whose team was involved with overseeing the planning, design, build and installation of the new gas boiler system, said: “We are really excited about the many benefits that this new heating system will bring.

“Residents will be able to enjoy a more reliable and controllable system, whilst we have also been able to take advantage of a greener and more energy efficient heating source.”

“We looked into several possible options for the new energy supply to these homes and the combination of high efficiency gas boilers, combined with a CHP system, proved to be the most cost effective route taking into consideration carbon friendly solutions.

“It is very satisfying to know that this system will be able to deliver long term energy savings and will reduce the impact of heating these buildings on the environment.”

Ashfield Homes worked with refurbishment partner Frank Haslam Milan and the firm’s site manager Wayne Moore said: “This has been a major project and we have had excellent co-operation from residents whilst carrying out these important works in their homes.

“We have worked as quickly and efficiently as possible, installing new boilers and upgrading the radiators in three properties at a time over the past two months to minimise disruption to tenants. It is fantastic to hear so much great feedback from residents who are already reaping benefits.”