Ashfield Homes crackdown on ‘neighbour from hell’

A NEIGHBOUR ‘from hell’ has been slapped with a court order which could see her Selston home taken away from her.

The woman, an Ashfield Homes tenant, had caused substantial damage to her flat on the St Helen’s estate as well causing a nuisance to her neighbours before her landlords sought legal action.

Now she could lose her home if she breaks the terms of the possession order, which was suspended for 18 months.

The woman has not been named by Ashfield Homes, despite requests from Chad.

Kelly Scott, assistant director of housing for Ashfield Homes, said the firm was committed to protecting local communities and would not tolerate anti-social behaviour.

“This court order will be suspended on the terms agreed for a period of 18 months and within this time, should there be any further breaches then Ashfield Homes may ask the courts for outright possession,” he said.

The legal action came after Ashfield Homes launched a new approach to dealing with anti-social behaviour and thanks to partnership work with Nottinghamshire Police.

Selston councillor Gail Turner, chairman for the Selston Safer Neighbourhood Committee, said a crackdown on anti-social behaviour was needed after police received hundreds of complaints.

“We have had to act on this because anti-social behaviour affects the quality of life of a lot of people.

“I would not hesitate to remove someone who behaved like this and failed to take responsibility for their actions,” Coun Turner said.

If you are an Ashfield District Council tenant or you consider that a council tenant is responsible for anti-social behaviour you can contact the Ashfield Homes’ ‘Stop Moanin’, Start Phonin’ hotline on 0800 9520193 or text 07786683692.

Alternatively, you can report any incidents online at