Ashfield District Council vote for tree preservation order on Annesley Woodhouse woodland

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COUNCILLORS voted to confirm a tree preservation order on woodland in Annesley Woodhouse after the application attracted strong public support from local residents.

Ashfield District Council’s Planning Committee passed the application to make a tree preservation order on the Little Oak Plantation, on Derby Road, at a meeting last week.

And although three letters of objection to the plans were received, approximately 300 letters in support and a petition in support were also submitted to the council.

The report on the application stated that there are a number of footpaths through the woodland which have been used by the public without interference from the landowner for at least 20 years.

A planning application that would have irreversibly affected the woodland through the removal of a number of trees was recently refused, and the emergency TPO application was submitted in case the applicant appeals.

The council considered it important that the trees are safeguarded in the interim and so, made the order.