Ashfield District Council’s plan to save cash

Ashfield District Council, Urban Road, Sutton in Ashfield.
Ashfield District Council, Urban Road, Sutton in Ashfield.

MEMBERS of Ashfield District Council’s cabinet have laid out plans to make savings of more than £1million in the coming financial year 2013/14.

Councillors met on Monday evening to discuss ways of making efficiency savings over the next five years as funding cuts from the government continue to bite.

At the meeting they approved an efficiency plan for 2013/14 which reduces the council’s spending by £1.3 million.

The authority will do this by re-structuring services, sharing services with neighbouring authorities and continuing to increase the income generated by the various trading arms of the council.

Speaking at the meeting, council leader John Knight said: “Who would have thought that two years ago we would be reducing by so much?

“We now work closely with our neighbours including Mansfield to provide as good if not better services than two years ago with less money coming in.”

Coun Chris Baron added that he thought the proposals were ‘most rewarding’.

Following the large reduction this year, the council is set to make smaller savings of £750,000 in 2014/15 and 2015/16, followed by £700,000 in 2016/17, £650,000 in 2017/18 and £600,000 in 2018/19.

According to the cabinet report, the £1.3million savings are ‘robust, achievable in the year and reduce budgets in a way that does not diminish any frontline services’.

It states that the council has already made £4million-worth of savings in the past two financial years - it also warns that with such a high percentage of the budget removed, it could be more difficult to find genuine efficiency services’.

Before Monday’s meeting deputy council leader John Wilmott said that the plan was to ensure residents were given the ‘highest quality services’.

The proposals are due to be discussed at a full council meeting on 4th March.