Ashfield District Council issue Hallowe’en respect warning

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ASHFIELD District Council’s Community Protection Officers will be out in force this week encouraging people to be respectful to others at Hallowe’en.

Although fun for most people, Hallowe’en can be a daunting time for the most vulnerable people in the community, especially the elderly.

The CPOs will be out every night of the week, visiting local shops, encouraging them not to sell eggs and flour to local children on Hallowe’en night.

They will also be visiting residential areas for the elderly across the entire District, placing ‘no trick or treat’ posters in prominent positions so that children are aware not to go to those properties.

Posters are available free from your local CPO or via the Ashfield District Council website.

On Hallowe’en night itself, the CPOs will be out carrying baskets of goodies whilst on patrol so that local children can pop along and grab a treat.

Children should look out for their CPO and ask for a treat

Edd deCoverly, Service Director - Environment at Ashfield District Council said: “We ask that during the next few weeks people show particular concern and respect for those in the community who may find this time of year a daunting and unsettling time.”