Ashfield councillors make new political party

Three Ashfield councillors have formed their own political party - changing the make up of Nottinghamshire County Council.

By Helen Beighton
Thursday, 19th November 2015, 11:14 am
Councillors Jason Zadrozny, Rachel Madden and Tom Hollis.
Councillors Jason Zadrozny, Rachel Madden and Tom Hollis.

The Ashfield Independents Group has three members - Councillor Jason Zadrozny (formerly non-aligned), Councillor Tom Hollis and Councillor Rachel Madden (both formerly members of the Liberal Democrats Group).

Councillor Zadrozny will be the leader of the new group.

Following the changes, the new make-up of the Council is:

Labour - 32 members

Conservative -21 members

Liberal Democrats - 5 members

Ashfield Independents - 3 members

Independent Group - 2 members

Non-aligned Independent members - 3

There are 67 county council seats, but the Selston Division seat is currently vacant. A by-election scheduled to take place on November 26.

Labour remains the largest group at the County Council with the most councillors (32) and there is still no political group with an overall majority.

Anthony May, chief executive of Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “I have received notice that two members of the Liberal Democrats Group had resigned their position and that they were part of a new group, which included Councillor Zadrozny as its Leader.

“We will assess the implications of this change to the make-up of council committees over the coming days with a view to putting a proposal for membership of each committee to the next Full Council meeting.”