Ashfield council leader toppled after dramatic vote

Cheryl Butler
Cheryl Butler

Labour has lost its hold of Ashfield District Council after a vote of no confidence.

It came after a motion expressing no confidence in leader Councillor Cheryl Butler, who is Labour,proposed by two Ashfield Independents councillors at a meeting on Thursday evening.

Councillor Jason Zadrozny leader of Ashfield Independents has now been voted council leader, with 18 votes for him and 16 against.

Councillor Helen-Ann Smith and Councillor Tom Hollis carried the motion of no confidence against Coun Butler today, Thursday, April 26. This motioned was carried with 18 voting in favour 16 against.

Before losing her position as leader of the council, Coun Butler said :"It is common knowledge that certain members are using recent changes to the composition of the council.

"Those members who have been plotting for months to put the motion forward are simply jealous of my success in Ashfield.

"They don't like that all I as a woman have done for Ashfield. I have not faltered and I do not intend to now

Also before Coun Zadrozny was elected Coun Smith, now deputy leader following the hastily arranged 'election' said: "This isn't about if you're female. I think we need more women in politics but they need to be there for the work they have done.

"We're about to look to elect a gay leader and a woman deputy, so I think we can blow the sexism argument out of the window."