ASBO for Ollerton teenager

AN ASBO has been slapped on an Ollerton teenager after a joint operation by anti-social behaviour officers and the local police.

Keegan Garland (16), of Whinney Lane, Ollerton, was made the subject of the Anti-Social Behaviour Order, which will run until 2013, at Newark Magistrates’ Youth Court.

The ASBO states that Garland must not engage in any of the following behaviour:

l Drinking alcohol, or being under the influence of alcohol, or having in his possession any opened or sealed container of alcohol whilst in a public place in the villages of Ollerton or Boughton.

l Associating with Shane Russell Garland while in a public place in the villages of Ollerton or Boughton

lEntering the Dukeries College complex.

The chairman of Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood Community Safety Partnership, Andrew Muter, said: “Anti-social behaviour officers and the local police have worked hard to ensure this ASBO was secured so further action can be taken against this individual should he cause harm further harm or distress.

“I would urge anyone who witnesses potential breaches of the order to contact the police so we can take the necessary action and continue to keep the streets of Ollerton and Boughton safe and free from nuisance.”

Anyone who believes they have witnessed Keegan Garland breaching the ASBO is asked to contact Newark Police on 0300 300 9999 or contact their local beat officer.

l If you feel you’re a victim of anti-social behaviour, call Newark and Sherwood District Council’s anti-social behaviour team on 01636 655207.