Arson attacks in Southwell blamed on drunken gang of youths

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A group of drunken youths are thought to be to blame for a spate of arson attacks in Southwell.

Over the weekend of November 24 a group of allegedly drunken youths were reported going round Southwell setting fires to plastic bins.

Police in Sherwood said a resident on Church Street was awoken by a group outside her property in the early hours.

A few moments later a bin was set ablaze on the driveway and caused damage to the wall and tree.

A police spokesman said: “Other residents are stating that it is youths exiting the late bus on Church Street in a drunken state. Although this cannot be confirmed, if this is true then it could be Southwell youths committing these offences so someone must know who they are.

“Another bin was set alight on Arnold Avenue sometime last week along with a for sale sign board on Leeway Road.

“These mindless idiots could cause more serious damage in the future if they continue with these acts.

“Anyone caught committing acts of arson will be arrested and dealt with.”