Aromatherapy service for Mansfield’s elderly and vulnerable

.Cathy Mumford of Truly Relaxing  gives Gwen Harry her first hand massage today in MWH
.Cathy Mumford of Truly Relaxing gives Gwen Harry her first hand massage today in MWH

A THERAPIST from Mansfield Woodhouse has come up with a business she says helped turn her life around while providing a relaxing service for the elderly and vulnerable.

Cathy Mumford runs Truly Relaxing, which offers a mobile aromatherapy and hand and foot massage service operating in the Mansfield Woodhouse area.

Cathy was made redundant in June this year and she faced the usual worries over bills and finding a new career.

But she explained the shock of losing her office-based job spurred her on to create a new living for herself.

“Massage was something I had done, as a hobby really, for friends and family,” she said. “Providing the service has always been at the back of my mind but because I had the job, I never had the time to pursue it.

“I found it difficult to suddenly be leaving my old job but now I feel like overall, things have turned out for the best.”

Cathy decided to seek a recognised qualification and achieved a certificate in basic aromatherapy therapeutic blending, hand and foot massage, which is accredited by the guild of Beauty Therapists and Holistic Therapists.

She claims her treatments are effective for relaxation and aches and pains - but can also be used to treat a wide variety of conditions and ailments - from headaches to colds, coughs, depression and fatigue.

Now she has found her niche providing services at care homes for the elderly and vulnerable.

“I feel like I am providing aromatherapy and massage for those who appreciate it most, but don’t always have access to these treatments.”

“For me I think it is all about touch - for some the benefits are really powerful.

“I feel genuinely passionate about the happiness and treatment of the elderly.”

Cathy says she would encourage anyone who had been made redundant or suddenly out of work to pursue a career they were passionate about.

“When you have had a job for many years it is hard to imagine leaving that job with no security.

“But in a sense it is a time when you can pursue something you love because you haven’t got anything to lose.

“It is about thinking outside of the box - thinking about what sort of services there are a need for, and which of those you would enjoy doing.”

Cathy provides a weekly treatment service on Thursdays at Mansfield Baptist Church.

She also visits customers on a one-to-one basis and can put on aromatherapy parties at customers’ homes.

For more information contact Cathy on 07903 804273 or visit the website