Application for 12 new homes at Sutton site


A planning application has been made for 12 residential dwellings on a run down former Sutton allotments site.

The East Midlands Housing Group (EMH) has applied to build the development on land off Cross Row, Stanton Hill, Sutton.

The plan is to build 12 new residential units comprising eight two storey semi-detached houses (4 blocks of 2), and 1 block of 4 terrace houses, making a total of 12 units.

In its applicatin EMH states the site comprises of undeveloped land which, although once used for allotments, now lies vacant and unused for in excess of 15 years.

During this time the site has been subject to fly tipping and a variety of anti-social behaviour.

Teh applicant states : “As such, the opportunity exists to redevelop the site into something of benefit to the community and contribute to the regeneration of the area whilst providing much needed affordable housing.

“The scheme is fully funded with part grant from the Homes and Communities Agency. Ashfield District Council Housing department are supportive of the scheme, as it brings into use a previously vacant piece of land.

“It will also provide rental properties in an area where EMH Homes already has extensive stock, and where there is an identified need for more rental properties.”

The Site is located on Cross Road, Stanton Hill currently vacant, and has been so for over 15 years.

Despite being fenced off, it has been subject to fly tipping and anti-social behaviour and therefore has become a blight to the local area. Formally owned by British Coal Corporation the land was acquired by EMH in 1988 and turned

into allotments, however they have not been used substantially as such since circa 1990 although there has been minor equestrian use.