Appeal to cure ‘traffic chaos’ on main road in Mansfield

Nottingham Road, Mansfield
Nottingham Road, Mansfield

A petition has been set up calling for a review into traffic jams which have been causing chaos on a main road in Mansfield.

Councillor Stewart Rickersey, of Mansfield District Council, has set up the petition in support of Mansfield mayor Kate Allsop, who said residents are forced to wait in long queues on A60 Nottingham Road close to Sainsbury’s and McDonalds at busy times.

Mansfield Mayor, Coun Kate Allsop

Mansfield Mayor, Coun Kate Allsop

Coun Rickersey said there is a “bottle neck” outside Sainsbury’s due to too many traffic lights – with three sets in quick succession.

He is urging residents and businesses to sign the petition, which now has more than 150 signatures, to ‘put pressure’ on Nottinghamshire County Council to resolve the problem.

He said: “We have heard from some residents they no longer shop at Sainsbury’s on certain days, as the traffic congestion is so bad.

“We need the county council to look at the problem and come up with a solution.

“It could be as simple as changing the phasing on the traffic lights, or taking a set out, but there has to be a better way of engineering the junctions.”

Mrs Allsop said she is in talks with the county council.

She said: “We have had a good response from the county council and are hoping to use our influence to get the best for Mansfield.”

Gary Wood, county council group manager for highways said: “We are aware of the congestion concerns on this road and recognise the A60 is a vital road on our county’s network.

“This is why traffic signals and patterns at this location are regularly monitored and have been reviewed previously to try to get the best traffic flow possible, given the volume of road users accessing the amenities and developments at this location.

“We are meeting with our partners at the district council next week to discuss the issues raised.”